Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tink and Alice for WonderGround Pop Fusion

13x19 Gouache and glitter on Arches watercolor paper

I chose Tinkerbell because I'm a big fan of how cute and sassy she is. With the "Pop" theme I decided to go very minimal with the color and keep it bright and saturated with a touch a pixie dust!

"Down The Rabbit Hole"
13x19 Gouache on Arches watercolor paper and mat board

In the film I love when Alice is falling down the rabbit hole discovering all the floating objects around her. In the beginning,figuring out this piece was slightly complicated for me because of all the black and white together. It would be challenging to paint black and white objects on top of the black and white background while having everything pop out still.  After seeing my initial sketch, my very creative boyfriend Juan suggested that I do the red roses border raised off the paper on mat board, everything painted separately and tacked down on foam core to create the floating look. That is exactly what I ended up doing and it turned out really fun! 

These are my other two pieces for WonderGround this month! It's been a great experience creating these pieces and pushing myself to work in a larger scale. I am very excited to see them framed and up in the gallery next week.  :) Happy Thursday!


Cassie said...

So beautiful! That scene in Alice tops my favorite moments of that film. The other one very close is the bread n' butterfly. It cracks me up. I'll have to drop by and get this one. Amazing work!

Gintautas Pilinkas said...

It's lovely!!!

Jill B said...

How did you make it look so 3 dimensional with your alice piece??? also how do you make your prints? what kind of paper do you use? do you scan your work and then print it or do you just take a photo of it? Im so new to this concept.

Ashley Perez said...

Amazing works of atr!