Saturday, October 27, 2012

Curiosities Exhibition

The Tank
Gouache on watercolor 5x7

I was recently invited by Gallery Nucleus to be a part of Vicky Ying and Mike Yamada's show to celebrate their upcoming book Curiosities! I am very happy to be in this show along with over 40 talented artists sharing their take on what they envision they might discover in an old mysterious mansion.
The exhibition opens today in Alhambra, CA from 7pm-11 pm so if you are in the area do stop by and check out all the wonderful oddities in store.
Curious for more about the show? Get all the details right here!

I forgot to take a decent photo of my painting so the one I have here is taken in the dark with my iphone before I framed it.  : / Hopefully i'll be able to get some better photos of it later! This piece was challenging for me because I attempted to work more with dramatic lighting (something which I don't normally do) and it's also a larger size at 5x7 as I am used to my mini 2x3 inch paintings. ;)
If I were exploring an odd mansion I would love to come across what appears to be an antique, ornate fish tank...filled with small sea dragon-like mermaids!

Have a great weekend everyone!