Thursday, January 31, 2013

WonderGround Gallery

 This was my setup at at the WonderGround Gallery Saturday and Sunday. Being that it's only been open since June 2012 I hadn't been there prior to this weekend and it sure is an awesome gallery! There was so much great, unique artwork I wanted to take home with me and I am definitely looking forward to going back to see what they have in store in the future.
I had the most wonderful time this weekend and met so many enthusiastic people while I was there so thank you to those who came in to meet me! :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


 I'm really happy and excited to share the game I have been working on for the past several months now...Mermaid World! The video above was put together by our talented Brandon Jones who still remembers After Effects! ;)  Seriously it's been a dream come true to design one of the magical creatures I love most. I was very fortunate to be given practically full freedom to create the look and style of the mermaids and I had so much fun doing it!

Below are just a few of designs and their final renders. The beautiful renders were done by the talented Barlow GilmoreEmery Miller, George, Rodgers, Katherine WaddellLain YeePeter Emmerich,  and Ryan Hungerford . Katherine also did all the mermaid animations for the game and they are just so wonderful. We are rolling out a ton of new features in the next few weeks so if you love mermaids and a mysterious story..definitely check it out! :)

Whoo-hoo this is my 100th blog post. Out of 4 years I prob should have more than that but yay!!! Aside from all this mermaid madness I have other cool news to share. I will be at  Disney's Wonderground Gallery this weekend as part of the Artisan Showcase they have there. I'll be at the gallery Saturday and Sunday from 1-4 and will have select prints with me and a bunch of new mini originals. If you are in the LA area and specifically Downtown Disney-come on by! :)

Glimmer Rose

Carbon Night (with ninja star-fish and all)

Peppermint the Limited Edition Holiday Mermie
Aqua, our lovely mascot

Thanks for looking and have a fabulous weekend everyone!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hello and happy Monday! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday season with a great new year to come. Here are a few mistletoe fairies I painted in December. These started off as tests for some Christmas cards I want to make this year. :)

More updates soon-work has been very exciting and  I'll do another post about the stuff I've been up to this week so stay tuned. :D
 I've also started a 365 day photo project which is going to keep me very busy but will help track my days this year as I embark on some challenging and fun new projects.