Thursday, November 15, 2012


5x7 Gouache on watercolor paper
This is my piece for an upcoming gallery show this weekend in San Francisco at Mission Comics.

Info for the show below!

Mission Comics and Art Presents: “Incognito”
Mission Comics and Art is pleased to announce “Incognito”, a group show featuring works of art themed around the idea of disguise, masquerade, and duel identities. The show, curated by Daisy Church, will feature new art and illustrations from over two dozen contemporary and sub-pop artists from across the United States.

November 17, 2012 through December 22, 2012
Opening Reception 11/17/12
curated by Daisy Church

Mission Comics & Art
3520 20th St. Suite B
San Francisco, CA 94110

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Here's a little warm-up sketch I did tonight.
It's that time of year for the CTN Animation Expo! I'll be headed down to Burbank this Thursday and will be at T34 with a couple of new prints and lots of mini gouache paintings.  It's an awesome expo with tons of talent and great demos/workshops so check it out if you've never been. Have a great week everyone!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Curiosities Exhibition

The Tank
Gouache on watercolor 5x7

I was recently invited by Gallery Nucleus to be a part of Vicky Ying and Mike Yamada's show to celebrate their upcoming book Curiosities! I am very happy to be in this show along with over 40 talented artists sharing their take on what they envision they might discover in an old mysterious mansion.
The exhibition opens today in Alhambra, CA from 7pm-11 pm so if you are in the area do stop by and check out all the wonderful oddities in store.
Curious for more about the show? Get all the details right here!

I forgot to take a decent photo of my painting so the one I have here is taken in the dark with my iphone before I framed it.  : / Hopefully i'll be able to get some better photos of it later! This piece was challenging for me because I attempted to work more with dramatic lighting (something which I don't normally do) and it's also a larger size at 5x7 as I am used to my mini 2x3 inch paintings. ;)
If I were exploring an odd mansion I would love to come across what appears to be an antique, ornate fish tank...filled with small sea dragon-like mermaids!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Life drawing

Went to life drawing this week at work. I haven't been in months so it was good to draw from life again and our model Leah brought her rainbow python with her! It was a great session.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Mini Mermies!

2x3 Gouache
My new goal is to paint a bunch of minis with a different theme each month. I use a large watercolor block and can fit 28 minis on each page. 2-3 days to draw them out and then I aim to paint at least one a day. My work schedule at Crowdstar has been extremely busy lately so I am slightly behind on the painting for this month. Here is what I have so far though! I will be bringing a few of these with me to the Comikaze Expo tomorrow so if you will be there and want one you can pick one up. :)
 Happy Friday!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Petal Skirt

There are a ton of cute boutiques where I work in downtown Burlingame. For the past couple of weeks I've passed by Alys Grace every day and admire this adorable petal skirt in the window. Ahhh if only I had an extra $500 lying around. :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ballerina Wonder Woman

I thought it would be fun to do a couple of ballerina inspired Wonder Woman paintings! :)
 2x3 gouache

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Comikaze Expo!

 Oh dear, after many months of neglect I am back! There have been lots of things I have been working on so I will be posting more regularly to share them.

 For now I give you a mini post with a mini painting of Wonder Woman that I will have with me at the Comikaze Expo in just two short weeks. I'll be at table #731 next to my super talented friends Mike Yamada and Vicky Ying! I'm not quite sure what to expect from this con as it will be my first year there but I've heard great things about it and can't wait to go! :) More updates soon! xo

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tea Time

11x17 gouache

Here is a new print that I will have with me at Emerald City Comic Con this weekend! I thought it would be cute to have little tea girlies hanging out in the dessert tier.
Brittney and I are sharing a space again and will be at booth #124. I had so much fun last year exhibiting for the first time and look forward to the convention and visiting the beautiful Seattle area! You can follow me on Twitter where I will try to post fun things during the weekend. If you are in town please try to come by!
Below are just a few of the mini originals I will be bringing with me to ECCC. :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wondercon Wrap Up

Mini Poison Ivy
2.5x3 Watercolor/gouache

Hot Chocolate and Cup of Tea
2.5.x 3 Watercolor/gouache

9x12 Watercolor/gouache

Thank you to everyone who came out for Wondercon this year! It was a lot of fun to experience all the con bustle and of course meet new people and artists. I regret not being able to walk around the convention hall too much this time but I was able to pick up the amazing 'Encore' from the extremely talented Eric Canete.
I've uploaded prints of my koi mermaids to my shop along with the Cirque knives piece.
Above are a few paintings from the show.
Up next-Emerald City Comic Con! :D

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Hello hello! I will be at WonderCon this weekend which will be held in Anaheim this year. A bit bummed that it's not going to be at the usual Moscone Center in SF but at least I have an excuse to visit the happiest place on earth. ;)
If you are planning on going to the convention please stop by. I will be in the Small Press area at table 109! Have a lovely week!

♡ Liana

Saturday, February 4, 2012

VERSUS: A Show of Opposites

8x10 Watercolor

I will be in a gallery show opening this weekend curated by the lovely Daisy Church and held at Mission Comics in San Francisco. If you are in the area please feel free to stop by! More details on the show below.
For my versus I decided to do gold v.s. silver koi fish.
Below are my pencil drawings and some close ups of the paintings.
Silver Koi

Golden Koi

Group Exhibition: “VS: A Show of Opposites”
New Works by SF and LA Artists
February 4, 2012 through March 3, 2012
Opening Reception 2/4/12

Anand Duncan
Emma Sancartier
Alina Chau
Liana Hee
Ashley Fisher
Karen Krajenbrink
Bill Robinson
Ryan Hungerford
Cat Maske
Shiu Pei Luu
Chris Vear
Sho Murase
Daisy Church
Sherry Delorme
Denise "Dee" Chavez
Steph Laberis
Erin Leong
Wednesday Kirwan
Katherine Waddell

Mission Comics and Art is pleased to announce “VS: A Show of Opposites”, curated by Daisy Church. The show will feature new art and illustrations from over 18 different San Francisco and Los Angeles area artists. The theme of the show is "versus," and features artwork exploring the ideas of contrasts and opposites.

The opening reception will be held at Mission Comics and Art on Saturday, February 4th from 7-10 pm. Hor d'oeuvres and complimentary drinks will be served (wine will be available to our 21+ guests). The exhibition will be on display through March 3, 2012 and is free and open to the public.

Mission Comics is a fantastic retail and gallery space run by SF local Leef Smith, who combined a comic book shop with an art gallery in a fresh, exciting way while drawing on the unique strengths of the Mission District. The gallery and retail space also helps facilitate a greater cross-pollution between the worlds of fine art and commercially produced sequential art. Hours of operation are Tuesday thru Sunday, 12pm-8pm, or anytime online at

Opening Reception: Saturday, February 4th, 2012 7-10 PM,
Multiple artists will be in attendance.

Mission Comics and Art
3520 20th St. Suite B
San Francisco, CA 94110
Ph. # 415-695-1545

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Painting The Force for a cause

Happy New Year! What better way off to start the year than some art going towards a great charity?
Here are a few pieces I did for the Lucasfilm Benefit Art Auction this year.
I decided to do Ahsoka, Slave Leia and Asajj Ventress. I've never painted any Star Wars characters before so this was a lot of fun to do. :)
All of them are 2x3-watercolor.