Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weekend sketches

I visited my best friend Kristina last weekend.
We did not do much as usual but we did draw fun, stupid pics and ate popsicles.

Here is a sketch I did of myself eating a Melona creamsicle. I still can't really draw myself in cartoon form but I'll keep trying!
If you haven't had a Melona creamsicle...boy, you are missing out BIG TIME!
My boyfriend was actually the one who got us hooked on them a long time ago and we are so glad! Now Kri has given them to her friends in Sac and they all love them too!
Anyway, they are Korean melon flavored creamsicles that come in honey dew,strawberry, mango and banana!
Although Kri had no real food...her fridge was fully stocked with Melona. What a great weekend.

We stopped by the mall and saw girls who looked just like this!

My highly detailed PAYLESS SHOES comic.
Just for the record we did not buy anything.

Here are two girls in fishnets.

Some pretty colors

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!