Saturday, November 15, 2008

Purrcasso art and craft gala

Here I am with the wonderful people who bought my painting!
Purrcasso turned out really well and it was a lot of fun..awesome people, free food and wine and great art! If you didn't make it, try to come next year. :)

Here are some of the donations from the gala.

Mike Daley

Pascal Campion

Alina Chau

Juan did a very cute watercolor of a little boy riding a great dane. :)

Steph Laberis did a digital tribute to her childhood dog. :)

Brittney Lee's beautiful cat pieces.

Ikumi's lovely little dog painting!

Sarah Dungan's digital piece. Girls with cats/dogs seemed to be a hit!

Bill Presing's concentrated watercolor

Bill Robinson did big circus cats!

And a cute cat lady

Gallery pic..

Here we are towards the end of the auction. Yay!

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findagro said...

very good job nice painting