Friday, April 25, 2014


"Greatest Gift and Honor"

Painted on Arches watercolor paper with Turner Gouache.
Here is my second piece for the WonderGround Gallery next month. I’ve attached the finished painting as well as my initial concept sketch & a few progress shots.  On Saturday May 24th I will be at the gallery signing from 11-1 pm. The original & fine art prints will be available!

More info right here


Jon Thomson said...

Beautifully done Liana.

thegurliest said...

OMG! Your drawings are so BEAUTIFUL!! *adores* =D

Mai Khuong said...

I absolutely adore this one. Is there anyway I could get a print of this that isn't at Wonderground? Also, will you be at Comic Con this year?

LilNishi said...

I just purchased this print from the store in Downtown Disney, and heard you'll be there on Friday! Any chance I could bring my print in and have you sign it? I absolutely LOVE it!!!

Tyndall Lanny said...

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Jane_Apolo said...

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