Sunday, February 2, 2014


Happy New Year everyone!

Things have been pretty busy for the past couple months. I'm going to do a quick update right now-better late than never right? ;)

CrowdStar did a round of layoffs in early October and I was among those of the two teams who got let go. It was sad for me as I spent quite a few years there having lots of fun with my amazing co-workers and friends not to mention designing mermies all day! I wish CrowdStar the very best and look forward seeing what new opportunities show up for my fellow ex-Crowdies.

Fortunately, I was so very lucky to land a position down in Los Angeles at Nickelodeon Animation Studios about a month after.
Here is a photo I took right when I accepted the offer. See how happy I am? Absolutely elated and skipping on clouds!!!! (That is probably the only reason I didn't break an ankle landing in heels ;)

I am a designer on a new pre-school show about magical genies called 'Shimmer and Shine.' It is simply adorable and am just so blessed to be offered such an opportunity. I have an amazing show Creator, Farnaz Esnaashari and an incredible art director, Andy Bialk!

I have only been at Nick for about two months now and it's certainly a challenging experience so far. I have high expectations of myself this year in artistic growth. :)

Now on to other news-

 Artist In Residence at the WonderGround Gallery!

 For the month of February I will be at the Disney WonderGround Gallery doing live paintings every Friday and Saturdays (except Sat Feb. 8th) and both my Disney gallery and personal art along with original paintings will be for sale. The original paintings will be mostly Disney Princesses...can't tell you exactly which ones yet so stay tuned for images.
 I just finished my first weekend and it was so much fun! At first I thought it was going to be so nerve wrecking to paint in front of everyone but I felt very much at ease there and was very inspired! Maybe it helped to be surrounded by so much unique art and friendly onlookers. :)
  If you are in the LA area and have some time to stop by at the gallery, please do! More info HERE!

I finished up my very first 365 day photo project last year and I am also doing another one this year! If you want you can follow it right HERE on my tumblr account.

You can also follow me on Twitter (@LianaHee) and Instagram (LianaHee) as I will be doing more updates from my month at WonderGround along with sneak peeks such.

Have a great week everyone!
♡ Liana


Jae Gapasin said...

Hi there!

For your WonderGround appearance, will you be able to sign your pieces as well? I absolutely adore the "Wish I could be" piece. Its amazing. :-)

Tyler Masters said...

Hello Liana!

Last year you did a commission for me at WonderCon, the Rapunzel for my daughter. Anyway I freaking love it and so does she. I was wondering if you are going to be at this years WonderCon or ComicCon? I'd love to get another commission.

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Cari's Ark said...

Hello Liana, I was at the downtown Disney District at the end of August and saw one of your beautiful Mermaid coffee cups. I decided to return for it & when I did, all of your work had been removed :(. Do you know where (if it's possible)that I could purchase one of these mugs?

Thank You,
Caron Coburn