Friday, October 16, 2009

APE Update

Hi..I am quite the slacker with posting lately. All of a sudden I got so busy and haven't had time anything..especially APE artwork. But here are a couple things I am bringing with me.

My entire family of tiny framed flappers. There are more than that but didn't fit in the picture.

Wouldn't you like to have a greeting card with some elves doing the can-can?

my French clown a bit jazzed up in photoshop

A white peacock on the trapeze.

I am actually still running around like crazy trying to get everything together and printed. I am excited about tomorrow and if you have a chance, stop at the expo because there is going to be an incredible amount of talented artists selling fabulous things!

My gal pal Ikumi and I will be at table # 249 so please try to stop on by. Have a wonderful night!

1 comment:

Armando said...

Great artworks! I like the characters a lot.